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Every day Great Circle Learning helps individuals and organizations increase productivity 50% or more by providing software and services that streamline work processes and shift cognitive focus to what’s most important.

For every business professional who uses Word and PowerPoint, our software automates fundamental document development, formatting, image management and editing tasks to increase productivity and help you deliver consistent, polished results.

Our services revolve around consulting on work process improvement, employee development and the implementation of our software tools to help you achieve productivity gains.

At those moments when you think to yourself “there must be a better way” there probably is, and we can help you find it. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

For Instructional Designers & Trainers: whally

“Helps me cognitively” “Has changed my life” “Has allowed us to raise the bar on all of our training materials”… what users say about LeaderGuide Pro.

Increase productivity by 50 - 80% and ensure consistency. LeaderGuide Pro™ automates the organizing, formatting, importing, exporting, updating and syncing of content and images - including PowerPoint, to build facilitator guides and participant guides as Word documents that are easy to share, maintain and reuse. Templates, icons and style guides are easy to customize. Automatically adds Alt Text to images and tables for screen readers and 508 compliance. Whether you are a department of one or a development team with multiple contributors... Work faster. Work smarter. Change for the better with LeaderGuide Pro. Let's set up a product demo today.

For Speakers & Presenters: george! for PowerPoint

Because appearance matters... george! quickly creates branded, formatted, ready-to-use Word documents from PowerPoint in 54 unique page layouts. Instead of giving your audience a print out of your slides, make a lasting impression with a branded handout that reinforces your message and evokes a positive response. george! also adds time saving automation to: add Alt Text to images for screen readers and 508 compliance; globally replace slide text and maintain formatting; work more efficiently with images; and more. Work faster. Work smarter. Change for the better with george!  Let's set up a product demo today.

For All Business Professionals: 6784194603

Easy to Use Office® Automation Tools. Increase productivity 50% or more when building, formatting, editing and reusing content and images for any purpose in Word and PowerPoint. Perform necessary tasks exponentially faster, with superior results. Zapps Pro is a family of unique productivity add-ins to Microsoft Office, developed by our own Microsoft MVP for every business professional who uses Office. Work faster. Work smarter. Change for the better with Zapps Pro. Let's set up a product demo today.

Our gift to all Microsoft Office users: Got-Ur-Back

File overwrite protection for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Got-Ur-Back runs silently, saving copies of your files in easy to access locations so that you can instantly recover from an accidental file overwrite. And, it's free!

Customer reviews:

"I love zAPPs-apps!" - Colleen Wessel, Training Project Administrator, Gas Technology Institute

"george! goes way beyond the PPT handout print function..."  - Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CPF, CMC, CSP President, QPC Inc. - The Extraordinary Team

“LeaderGuide Pro has changed the way I work...” - Gaye Freedman Ed.D, Learning Solutions Architect at MGM University


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New Website Soon!

We have been working hard on a new website that we plan to launch this week! It features all of our exciting new and updated products and tutorials to help you work faster, work smarter and change for the better.

GOT-UR-BACK now runs in multiple languages within Microsoft Office

In addition to English, 5625848613 runs with these Microsoft Office languages. 7073931975


LeaderGuide Pro Plus version

Release Date: September 18, 2015

Release Information:

LeaderGuide Pro Elements is incorporated into this version of Plus. The choice of which version to run, LeaderGuide Pro Plus or LeaderGuide Pro Elements, is made from the “Help” menu on the LGPro ribbon tab. burmanniaceous